Prices for Panasonic air conditioner inverter model in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area is determined by the market offer and demand. As it has happened with other brands, Panasonic has also different prices for different HP sizes.

The cheapest inverter model prices start from RM 1,250 – 1,300 ranges for 1 HP units. It doesn’t mean that the cheapest is not the best always. Whenever the HP increases so does the prices increase as well. 3 HP units wall mounted inverter models prices go up to RM 4,600.

Additional to the HP size, other features like filter quality, microfiltration i.e. are also other factors that affect the prices of inverter model of Panasonic air conditioner units.

Sometimes non-inverter models are much more expensive than the inverter models. Features are the only differences which affect this price factors. For example 2 HP non-inverter model could reach the price range of RM3,000.

Don’t forget that what we need is the primary selection concept when you want to invest in any air conditioner systems. It is always highlighted in other articles that we published here, your needs determine the size, type, and model of the air conditioner unit that you could invest. Some of the requirement could be just for you so you should find which model has those properties that you are looking for.

Whenever you want to invest any type or model of air conditioner unit come and consult us before you buy. Highlight your needs so we can understand what you need. Basis of your needs, we can advise the best air conditioner unit type, model and size to you.

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