Mitsubishi aircon offers inverter models in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. Since Mitsubishi offers different type and model of air conditioner units, it is very hard to select one. Our aim here is to enlighten you and make your selection process easies one for you.

Today, I want to introduce to you the most selected unit, which is the JP series, which is called Mr. Slim Inverter for commercial buildings and Starmex for residential building. I would like to highlight residential one’s properties and the benefits that you can get out of it.

First of all, dual barrier coating and single coating prevent dust and greasy dirt from getting into the air conditioner unit.  Single coating is applied on the evaporator coils and the dual coating is applied on the blower fan unit.

It provides silent operation and noise level is 19 dB. It is easy to clean design. Anti-allergy enzyme filter, electrostatic anti-allergy, and catechin plus pre-filter installed in the unit.

As an option customer can choose to install microparticle catching filters, which is nano platinum filter instead of the regular filter. This filter provides effectively catches floating PM 2.5 particles to maintain clean air in the room.

Mitsubishi is the only one who applied the world’s first room air conditioner equipped with cross flow fan technology in 1968. Now, this technology is on the advancement stage.

There is a selection of a quick cool down option in this model. When you push the powerful cooldown button, the room gets cool down quickly. You might need this facility when you need guest turned over or you come from a long holiday to your home.

Another feature of this model is to deliver substantial airflow up to 12 meters far. This feature makes this model suitable for even the living room. It uses R 410 A refrigerant which is more environmentally friendly and provides less hazard to the ozone layer around us.

It has computerized dehumidification feature to give a better environment. The unit has auto restart feature as well and anti-rust treatment is done for the casing. This unit has a self-diagnostic function. It has smart control and I save mode as well.