When it comes to the definition of system 2 inverter air conditioner unit in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, you may be confused what they mean.

Basically, system 2 inverter air conditioner unit has two indoor units supported by one outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is always a compressor but indoor units are the same type of evaporator units located in two different rooms at a time. You can control individually from indoor units while the outdoor compressor runs.

Normally, system 2 inverter air conditioner supports two individual rooms and those could be the combination of one bedroom and living room or two bedrooms. If the owner of the unit decides to cover the living room which is the largest room in the house with the same system, it is advisable to go to system 3 inverter air conditioner units rather than system 2 inverter and another split type for the living room only. This means that instead of buying two air conditioner unit, you buy one unit of the air conditioner.

As in the individual units, each system 2 inverter air conditioner unit’s power depends on the room sizes which it serves. It may change from 2 HP or bigger HP value depending on the room sizes.

Before you purchase any air conditioner units, think of how many rooms that do you need to cover, what is the power of the outdoor unit in HP, what is the electric efficiency that you need. When these all combined, you can decide what to invest in your house.

If still, you are not sure what to buy for your house, contact our professional air conditioner serviceman in order to give the right decision. We can help you to find the best solution to your house when you need third party information before you give a feasible decision for your investment. Call us now.