If you know how the air conditioner compressor functions in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, you can understand better how you can get a comfortable environment.

The compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system. It compresses the vapor called refrigerant which is coming from evaporator and pushes this high-pressure vapor into the liquid for at the condenser unit in order to complete the cycle. After the condenser unit, the high pressurized hot liquid goes into the evaporator unit through the expansion valve and expand again.

The compressor is run by a belt-driven electrical motor. The electric motor is controlled by the thermostat and start-up relays in order to get the necessary speed for the intended operation. When the compressor compresses the low-pressure gas, the temperature of the gas is also increasing together with the pressure.

The purpose of the compression is to circulate the vapor into a liquid for heat exchange while the gas from hot pressurized liquid turns into cold low-pressure gas in the evaporator unit. Heat exchange helps the room temperature go down and we feel the cool air into the room.

Heat exchange is done in the evaporator unit after the expansion valve. While gas expands pressure drops and it gets cold. The fan behind the evaporator coils pushes the cold air into the room through evaporator coils.

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