If your air conditioner unit is not working at all, troubleshooting air conditioner compressor is the must in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. Compressor as the one of the vital parts of the functioning unit in the system which provides cool air into the environment must be checked.

Before troubleshooting air conditioner unit compressor in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, most of the technicians like us do check some other system parts first. The most important check is the power supply. Not checking the power is the simplistic misconduct done by everyone. Power supply may be the simple reason why air conditioner unit not working. Without power none of the electrical items work.

After you sure about the power supply come to the compressor then other checks could come up. Next step is to check wiring which comes to the compressor terminal box. Loose, burnt and worn wires could make short circuit or not providing proper electricity to the compressor. Of course these controls only are done after the electricity cut off. Safety is first priority.

Remember other signs of the failure like sound come from the compressor while running. If the compressor produces funny sounds before the failure, it is a great sign that compressor is death or about the death.

Check the condenser fan is working or not. If it is working check the temperature. If it is so hot, compressor could be overheated and shut down for safety trip internally. While condenser fan is working but compressor not starting up could be the reason of lacking refrigerant in the system.

Condenser fan motor blades could be another reason why compressor not working. Loose of shape blades can’t provide proper cooling to the compressor unit. Blades changes could be the relief to your system.

 Outside unit’s excessive shake when start up, frequent trips of the circuit breakers and air conditioner unit blows warm air into the room could be other signs that compressor needs to be checked.

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