There is no doubt that inverter air conditioner units help your saving in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. As we touched the subject of differences between conventional air conditioner unit and inverter air conditioner unit in another article. you realize that there is a huge saving occurs. These savings could be from life cycle, electricity bill and service cycles of the air conditioner unit.

The first visible saving is in the electricity bill. When the air conditioner unit continuously run in idle position which provides constant temperature control of the room, saving comes from getting rid of start up amp that the compressor pulls out from the electric meter.

Compressor in inverter model is similar to the automatic car engines. It runs on continuously at the same rpm even when they stop at the traffic light, while regular car engines rpm always go up and down depending on the driving habits of the driver. It is similar to the air conditioner compressor. When it runs idle conditions which most of the time it is running under this circumstance since temperature are balanced, rpm of the compressor could be, similar to the automatic gear car.

What does this mean? Normal ware and tare is much more less than conventional systems. When compressor starts up in the conventional system internal friction between the movable and fixed parts of the compressor like pistons and piston walls are high in order to start the motion. This could cause more ware and tare than continuously running smoothly.

Inverter models are also have advanced functions like automatic filter clean up, motion sensor i.e.. These functions are also help saving of servicing cycle. Since the cleaning up the air filters provides fresh air flow from the air conditioner unit to the environment, as a layman you will feel that no need service frequently.

On the other hand, we still recommend that at least 6 months once you do call our experienced technicians to provide service to your units. Please call our technicians even you have inverter model in your premise. Call us now.