When we ask the question of what is air conditioner universal remote control code in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, the answer is simple. As you could remember, we have mentioned that it is easy to have any remote control unit when you lost or broke your existing remote control unit in our article. 

Each every air conditioner unit has some codes to define different operational functions of that unit. These codes are standardized internationally and published all around the world by the manufacturers.
Since the codes are known by everyone, international remote controller manufacturer developed some devices which could be adapted to each every air conditioner unit worldwide. These devices are called universal remote control.
Each every universal remote control automatically searches for codes by communicating with the air conditioner unit they are going to work harmoniously. When you press and hold the button, it automatically goes to learn mode and starts searching codes that your air conditioner unit uses. During the search period, numbers scrolled up and down flush in the screen of the universal remote control unit all the time till it synchronizes with the air conditioner unit. All you need to do is to press select button to adapt both units each other. You can test it pressing the OFF button. If the air conditioner unit goes of programming is done so far.

Be aware that unit should find more than one code in order to facilitate different functions of the air conditioner unit. If you don’t allow and select the first found one, you might end up using limited functions of your air conditioner unit, mostly basic functions like ON and OFF, fan speed i.e. But if you allow your universal remote control find the whole codes scrolling all you can also use advance functions like timer, auto filter functions i.e .These are all happen of course if your air conditioner unit has those functions.

Communication between universal remote control and the air conditioner unit mostly is done using infrared signals generated from universal remote control unit. This system requires direct eye-to-eye contract between universal remote control unit and the air conditioner unit.

On the other hand, more advanced model air conditioner uses radio frequency transmission to communicate between remote control and air conditioner unit. This new technology allows controlling the air conditioner unit anywhere in the room, even from other rooms within allowed the fixed distance.

As a layman, you can follow simple steps to synchronize your universal remote control code to adapt it to your air conditioner unit. If you still have doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact with us. Our experienced technicians can help you in your challenges without any charges. Call us now.

If you want to find out your system code please check this out to see all codes brand-by-brand.