When you see the title of the article like the best split type inverter air conditioner in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area you can’t keep your expectation low which one you can choose. You are eager to find out which brand you are going to choose, but I am not going to give you this. My intention to write this article is to give you the basics of the selection process.

When you are intending to buy an air condition unit, you need to consider a couple of parameters which could affect your decision most. Parameters that you need to consider are below;

  • Purpose of your purchase,
  • Size of the room that you want to install your unit,
  • Your budget for this purchase,
  • Additional functionalities that you need,
  • To find the best brand which suits to other parameters of your choice.

Your main purpose to buy the air conditioner unit is to fight the humidity in the air and provide a comfortable steady temperature controlled environment to your family. Don’t forget all air conditioner brands in the market to fulfill this need. Other parameters are important in this case.

Size of the room that you want to utilize air conditioner unit in, directly depends on the HP of the unit that you are going purchase, the bigger the room the higher the HP unit that you need. While the single split type inverter model of 1 HP could be good enough for a small room, it can’t give sufficient cooling for the large rooms. In this case, you need to increase the HP of the unit that you are going to purchase.

The price range for the split type inverter air conditioner units in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area are; from RM 900 to RM 4000 depending on the brands and the HP of the unit. If this range is suitable for your budget you don’t have much budget problem then.

The more additional functionalities that you want mean that the more money you should be ready to pay for your purchase. Advance models of different brands offer different additional functionalities basis on the filter system, thermal control of heat pockets in the room and human activities in the room by the control of image plus thermal camera systems added on to the unit. In a sense the more money you pay the more advantages that you get.

Smart systems like thermal heat pocket and human activity controllers by camera system added on the air conditioner unit membrane provides the best solution to your home, but there is always money attached to these additional functions.

Filter system could provide the best microbial filtration either fungus or bacteria as well. If you need this function you need to check which brand could offer this solution.

In the end, you know what you want and what to buy, then this is the time to contact our team to give you the best price which suits to your budget. Call us if you need any technical assistance as well as final purchase decision, we can help you all in this process.