When you read air conditioner without a compressor in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, you might surprise that how come air conditioner works without a compressor unit since the compressor is the heart of the system.

You are right and also wrong. You are right that all existing models in the market use compressor to circulate the refrigerant, which is chemical, within the air conditioner unit to run. You are also wrong that new technology which allows the air conditioning process can be done without the compressor.

I am going to mention here about this new technology for your information.

Air conditioner unit without compressor is still in the research process but about to be commercialized. It is done by NUS (National University of Singapore) Faculty of Engineering. It is water-based-air conditioning system.

Water-based cooling technology is eco-friendly and doesn’t use any chemical to convert the heat. Normal air conditioner units that we used today, uses chemicals called refrigerant and first remove the humidity from the air and second stage cool that dry air for us to have comfort in our environment.

On the other hand, water-based cooling technology using this two-step process in two separate systems together in coordination. The first stage is almost the same as regular air conditioner system to take the humidity from the outdoor air, but the second stage of cooling the dry air done by using water as a medium to cool instead of chemical refrigerants. The second stage is called the dew-point cooling system.

An additional benefit of this system is to release the humid in the air, which is less humid than outdoor air, in the form of condensed drinking water as an output while cooling the air. Daily basis 12-15 liters of drinking water can be produced.

Technology is still new and developing and there is more room for improvement to reach the same level as today’s normal air conditioner functions. Thanks for the NUS for their study and research for humanity.

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