When it comes to the Samsung Inverter air conditioner in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area we had AR5500 M model air conditioner unit in our mind. This is the latest model in production for home and office used. With less vibration and reduced noise performance it is resulting energy saving as well as fast cooling.

Filter system of this air conditioner has three layer coated for anti-bacterial, anti-allergen and anti-virus protection. Today technology allows us to coat special compounds to protect us from these environmental hazards. Dense filter meshes filter the common viruses like Staphylococcus auresu, Kebsiella phoumonia and Aspergillus niger and allergens like CryJ1 and Derf1.

Besides this technological advancement, compressor of this air conditioner well developed and 10 years of warranty given to the customers. Compressor runs under two step operation, fast cool and comfort cool. Fast cool starts with the first operation set the temperature and comfort cool starts to maintain the desired temperature.

Electronic board installed into the air conditioner unit, is an energy efficient digital inverter which maintain 8 poles to control the desired temperature. Air compressor runs all the time but the speed control of the air conditioner system, reduces the capacity basis on room occupancy, location of the people i.e. for energy saving.

Continuous running of compressor also extend the lifecycle of the system since there is no peak start and stop period for the unit. Also Triple Protector Plus technology provides protection against environmental changes by keeping safe the system from overloads without separate voltage stabilizers. Anti Corrosive coating to the unit offers endurance to the system against extreme heat.

Good Sleep mode added to the system gives you privilege to sleep fast and sleep deeply and wake up fresh. Good Sleep mode provides stable climate control in the room environment.

When air conditioner unit is turned off, Auto-Clean function starts in operation and automatically remove the dust on the coils and remove the moisture accumulated in the system. So unit stays dry and clean which is protected from the growth of bacteria and mildews.

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