Aircon refrigerator in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area is similar in other countries which is used. Refrigerator is a chemical which has hydrodynamic properties able to absorb and release the heat from the environment while changing from gas to liquid and visa versa. While it is in form of gas, absorb the heat from environment and release into the atmosphere while getting into liquid again. These dynamic changes are done by compressor, evaporator and condenser in the air condition system working in harmony.

Refrigerants are changed from the invention of the air conditioner system till today by technological evaluation, law enforcement and global environmental issues. New chemicals are invented but the principles are the same.

First chemical called Freon or R -12 is used. Due to the environmental treat this one is no longer is used. Basically biological name for this chemical is CFC (CholoroFluoroCarbon). Next stage another chemical replaced this one and it is called HCFC (HdyroChloroFluoroCarbon) commonly known as R – 22. This one is better than R – 12 but still harmful to the environment.

Scientist continue their study and come up with HFC (HydroFluoroCarbon) commonly known as R – 410 A, R – 32 and R -134. These are better than R -22 but still harmful to the environment. Finally scientists are found out the one called HC (HydroCarbon) most environmental friendly in the market, commonly known as R -290 (also known as Propane) and R – 600A ( also known as Iso-Butane)

Some of the are completely different chemicals but some is a mixture of existing chemicals like adding chlorine i.e. The more environmental friendly they are the more energy efficient refrigerants are they.

These are regulated by local government regulations depending on the ozone depletion potentials. These regulations force the manufacturers to use those new chemicals in their recent productions.

New chemicals are also aligned with the new technology which allows synthetic oils can be used in the compressor units together with the gas environment. Old systems are still using mineral oil in the compressor units which is not soluble in the gas which passes through inside of the compressor unit.

This is another important point for you as a customer if you want to change chemicals used in your air con unit. Please refer to the technicians or factory set up which is indicated on the compressor or on the evaporator which chemical is used.  Otherwise you can damage your system. Little bit thought for new chemical’s; they need more compression pressure in order to dynamically change from gas to liquid, which means powerful compressors are needed. Sometimes it is better to change the new air conditioner unit than to change the chemical inside.

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