Air conditioner with inverter vs non-inverter in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area are the most discussed issue now a days. Air conditioner with inverter has much more advantages if you compare with non-inverter models.

The most important advantage is besides the energy efficiency they have artificially intelligent systems.

Non-inverter modals can stop the compressor when set up degree reached. Naturally after some time passes heat goes up and compressor triggered again by the thermostat and starts running. This gives temperature fluctuation into the environment and high energy consumption for the building.

On the other hand, inverter modal reduces the speed of the compressor and keep the temperature fixed. You even don’t understand compressor is running or not. This function relatively causes less energy usage, means energy efficiency. This efficiency corresponds around 30-40 % less energy.

Inverter modal adjust the temperature heat load and condition of the environment. How many people in the room, where are they accumulated are all considered by the inverter system. They are intelligent in a sense and adjust the cooling air flowing direction, compressor speed i.e. in order to give better and comfortable environment for the human being occupied the room.

Whenever there is nobody in the room, they reduce the speed and slow down the process and keep the temperature as set evenly in the room.

Adjustment of the speed give inverter modal another feature which is sizeable cooling tonnage since non-inverter modals are fixed cooling tonnage capacity. When the system reduced the speed tonnage comes down as well as the noise.

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