Aircon Compressor Not Working KL & Selangor

In an aircon system, the aircon will only be working when all its vital components are functioning as normal and should any of its components, such as its compressor which acts as the heart of the aircon system is having problem, then, the aircon system will be greatly affected. The moment the aircon compressor not working this will lead to the aircon system also will not be working. Nevertheless, if your aircon does not work, there are many reasons that cause it to happen and one of them is the aircon compressor may not be functioning. However, before concluding that it was in fact due to the compressor, a little troubleshooting should be attempted so as to pinpoint the source of the trouble.

In a standard office or residential aircon systems, the aircon compressor is located in the outdoor unit and its main function is in the compression of the refrigerant, whereby it compresses the low pressure, cool, gaseous state refrigerant such that it gets hotter and achieved much higher pressure. Thereon, the gaseous state refrigerant is squeezed into the condenser also in the outdoor unit. When the refrigerant whilst releasing its heat and condenses into a liquid, then, in turn continues with its way to the indoor unit of the air conditioner before absorbing the heat from inside your office or home followed by the refrigerant returning back to the compressor and the cycle starts all over again.

In order to determine the reasons for the aircon compressor not working is of course the most obvious and first thing to do is to ensure the unit receives power as it is high possibility that its fuse could have been blown or maybe its circuit breaker may had tripped. If this is so, perhaps an electrician should be called in to check the real cause as it is abnormal for the fuse and circuit breaker to have such problems frequently and it is absolutely necessary to check on it since frequent starts and stops would damage the compressor as well its aircon system as a whole. Should both the fuse and circuit breaker are in order, then, you would need to call in the aircon specialist techs who will first check whether the right voltage goes into the compressor by using a multimeter and will probe further to determine the root cause of the problem. The good news is that problem such as this could be resolved without taking much time and money.

It is therefore highly recommended for the aircon professionals’ techs to see if the aircon problem originates from the compressor and to take over to troubleshoot from here. In case it comes from the compressor, it does not necessarily mean it has to be replaced with a new unit as compressors have many components and any one of them could fail and causing the problem. The following will be checked by the aircon professionals’ techs on the possibilities and making attempt to ruled out each one:

  • Connections of Terminal – This is checked to ensure all connections are in place and intact. Any loose connections could simply trigger a significant problem, especially if the compressor works intermittently or there is a possibility that the terminal connections are dirty which just requires a good cleaning to solve it.
  • Capacitors – In quite a number of cases, broken or faulty capacitors causes compressor problems and the techs if found necessary would replace it with s hard start capacitor to solve the problem. In fact, more often than not replacing it and testing it is the only way to troubleshoot the capacitor issue. This is the most common action taken when aircon compressor not turning on.
  • Valves – When the valve of the compressor broke, it creates a major problem with the compressor and most commonly it causes the refrigerant that gets to the compressor inlet in its liquid state instead of gaseous state. As a result, the compressor may still operate but the aircon will not be cool air. Fortunately, it only takes replacement of the broken valve or valves to resolve the issue.
  • Start Relays – Just as with capacitor, the aircon techs may simply replace the start relay to determine whether it works or otherwise. Should this replacement makes the compressor works, the problem is resolved and you are set to go.

If you are in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor area and believe you have an aircon compressor problem, we as professional aircon techs with vast experience in aircon systems will be able to assist you. Our aircon techs would pinpoint the root cause of the problem and will provide you with the available options for your aircon to be up and running again very soon.

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