Aircon inverter technology in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are not different from other part of the country. This technology reached almost 40 years old from the early 80’s. it is very common technology nowadays so can be found in every air conditioner units sold.

In order to understand the inverter technology in air conditioner systems we need to understand the differences from the ordinary air conditioner system, which is called non-inverter modals. Non-inverter modals are type of air conditioners designed ON and OFF the compressors. It is ON when getting the temperature set command from thermostat controller and OFF when reached to that degree.

The main difference between the inverter and non-inverter air conditioner units is the continuous running compressor when it is set the desired temperature in the inverter modals. Continuous running may increase the life cycle of the compressor without not much loading changes and also reduced electricity bill.

In laymen terms inverter modal is like a auto-cruise car. When you set the speed of 60 either uphill or downhill, car maintain the speed of 60 by adjusting the accelerator. When hill comes, accelerator increase the gas intake of the engine and keep the same speed while climbing and opposite happens when sloop comes.

Similar to the car engine with auto-cruise, inverter air conditioner unit adjust the speed of the compressor by inverter controller. When the temperature of the room goes higher than the required set value, compressor speed increase so the flow of the refrigerant till to reach of the set value. Than compressor slow down as well and reduces the refrigerant flow.

Speed control of the compressor also gives low energy expenditure due to continuous working condition of the compressor. Non-inverter modal air conditioners when compressor stops no electricity used but when it starts again the peak energy consumes. On and Off period cause more electricity usage and higher cost besides low life cycle of the compressor.

As you also aware due to their location in the house plan, none of the rooms in the house or office don’t have a same heat load even they might be the same size. When inverter modal air conditioner used in the house, none of the air conditioner install in different rooms works the same because the heat load will be adjusted by the compressor speed of the each individual units. Stable temperature will save energy cost for you as well as long lasting air conditioner unit in the long run.

Inverter technology applied air conditioner units are more expensive than non-inverter modals but operation expenses will compensate the whole investment and operational expenses combined in the long run. In additionally inverter modals are much quieter than non-inverter modals.

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