If air conditioner outside unit or outdoor section of air conditioner not working you can’t get proper cooling inside the room. Indoor unit as a separate part of the air conditioner system could blow the air through the blower fan but this could be hot air or the same air circulates within the room.

Blowing hot air into the room is an indication that your outdoor unit is not working at all. This means that something wrong in your air conditioner compressor out there, which is not working. Some checks should be done in order to find out what is wrong in the system.

Check the fan motor outside if it is working or not when you start the air conditioner system. If blowing hot air started after some time working properly it might be simple contact switch problem which controls the fan motor or overheating on the compressor. Clean up the electrical contact switch could solve the problem.

Check any circuit breaker tripped or fuse gone up. This might be the simplest problem that you could have abut you need professional attendance to the issue.

It could be capacitor problem which controls the speed of the outdoor fan motor. This can be replaces easily but technical assistance needed.

Another issue could be a dirty condenser coil which causes not working proper air conditioner cycle. This is simple maintenance issue. When cleaning done on the condenser coils problem would also gone.

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