The clever way to maintain your air conditioner unit in your home or office is to make air conditioner annual maintenance contract in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area.

First of all, professional service companies offer to you annual maintenance contract which provides preventive maintenance. This means that your system could be taken care of before any faulty issue appears.

On the contrary as a layman, we do our service when air conditioner unit is not making cool the room. We feel that getting hot not enough cold which supposed to be than we call the serviceman. This is common behavior of any person in Malaysia. Unfortunately this is not the best way to keep your air conditioner system healthy.

This situation is similar to human life. There is no difference between any human who doesn’t take care of self and take some pills when get sick instead of taking care of them with healthy lifestyle and getting preventive supplements which support body defense system.

Second of all, when you get yearly contract for maintenance, service company pay a regular visit even you don’t feel that there is a need for that. Main purpose of their visit is to keep the system in healthy conditions and works efficiently.

When the system is healthy and works efficiently, under the umbrella of air conditioner annual maintenance contract you save electricity as well as big repair expenses if you follow traditional service frequency other than the contract.

Air conditioner annual contract fee is much cheaper than the regular service if you call them on your own. They can keep record of your system checks regularly and healthy record keeps your budget low in every occasion.

We as a professional service company offer air conditioner annual maintenance contract for your benefit. You can get our qualified technicians visit regularly to your premise to keep your system up and running. Contact us for more details.