Troubleshooting Split System Air Conditioner KL & Selangor

Basically, there are 10 most common troubleshooting split system air conditioner encountered by the consumers in the split air conditioning system. Before we go into each one of them, let’s get to know the basic components of a split air conditioner.

The split type air conditioner comprises 2 parts, i.e. the indoor unit and outdoor unit. The indoor unit consist of the cooling fan and the evaporator or cooling coil, whilst the outdoor unit which is installed at the outside of the building/house which consists of the condenser, compressor and the expansion valve,

Now, let’s take a look into the issues faced with the split air conditioners as follows:

  1. Cooling Coil Accumulated With Ice

As the refrigerant (air conditioner gas) amount gets lesser in the air conditioning system, so does its cooling coil’s temperature which would drop to below normal and as a result the moist in the room gets condensed onto the cooling coil and freezes it with the formation of ice on it. In order to overcome the problem of ice accumulation on the coils, you need an air conditioner specialist who would accurately determine the right level of refrigerant in the cooling coils.

  1. Refrigerant Leaking

Refrigerant in the air conditioning system plays an important role such that whenever its level is insufficient, it will not be able to generate the cooling air into the occupied spaces. Should the split air conditioner is not blowing out the cooling air, then, very likely the refrigerant is the contributing factor i.e. the refrigerant is low or is in insufficient level. This refrigerant in the cooling coils is under high pressure which then puts all joints and curves in its copper pipes under stress consistently. This factor would further cause the copper pipes to be weakened and eventually develop into leakages, particularly when the humidity and compounds in the environment that causes corrosion making it more prone to these type of leakages. In most cases, this type of leakages can be found in the flare nut of the outdoor unit. Repairing of this leakage in the air conditioner unit can be done by an air conditioner specialist repairman who would also ensure the regassing of the air conditioner is at its right level as anything more or less can cause damage to the air conditioner unit.

  1. Compressor Functions Affected

Amongst the main function of the compressor in the outdoor unit is to raise the pressure and temperature of the vapour refrigerant that is leaving the evaporator coil in the indoor unit. But if the air conditioner filter has been choked with debris, dust, etc. that gets accumulated over time, this will cause the air conditioner to work extra hard in the air intake for its circulation process and by doing so it increases the temperature of the air conditioner beyond its optimum operating temperature, so it auto cut-off the compressor. To overcome this issue, usually by taking out its filter and clean it with flowing water to remove the debris, dust, etc. and once the cleaned filter is placed back, the air conditioner will be back to its normal operation. This cleaning of the filter if done on a regular basis should not pose any more issue. Alternatively, contact us for any of your air conditioning needs which include air conditioner installation, repair, maintenance and servicing.

  1. Bad Odour of Air From Air Conditioner

Perhaps, you may experience in breathing foul smell the moment the air conditioner is switched on. Not to worry too much as this bad odour is due to the air conditioner’s drainage system whereby debris and dust in the drain pipe and drainage tray as well as water got accumulated and when that happens slowly the bad odour will develop and it will be blown out from the air conditioner when it operates. To overcome this issue, contact us as your air conditioner specialist to clear the air conditioner’s drainage system in solving your problem.

  1. Swing Function Problem

Usually, there are 2 reasons for the swing function problem to happen. Either the motors (inside compressor, etc) having problem/not functioning or its PCB (printed circuit board) is not transferring the current to the motors. PCB is basically a circuit board connecting electronic components in the air conditioning system. To check and overcome this issue, please contact us and we handle it for you immediately.

  1. Switch On/Off Problem

When the air conditioner unit is unable to be switched on, very likely it could be due to the faulty of its PCB (printed circuit board) and a PCB can be faulty due to no specific reason as it can be due power surge, frequently switching on/off of the appliance, damage, etc. For any faulty of PCB’s components got burnt, only solution is to get it replaced or if it involves the PCB itself , then, need to replace it which may be expensive which depends on the technology in the split air conditioner unit.

  1. Noisy Indoor Unit

More often than not, the indoor unit of the split air conditioner becomes noisy during its starting up or while it is running and to most of us it may not be too concern about it but some others it may be a nuisance in one way or the other. This issue is likely due to the faulty fan in the indoor unit which may have resulted from its prolong use causing disbalancing, whilst the noisy sound from the vibration of the fan may be due the accumulation of debris, dirt and dust on the fan. The air conditioner specialist technician could tackle this issue by dismantling the indoor unit and remove the fan for cleaning and refitting it back into its original position.

  1. Blowing Warm Air

When the air conditioner unit is blowing warm air, this could be due to few reasons but generally it may be signs of the refrigerant leaking, thereby causing low or insufficient refrigerant within the air conditioning system and as a result the air conditioner is unable to blow out cooling air. Also, if the refrigerant leakages continue eventually it will cause the air blown out to be warmer and in worst case the air conditioner will even stop completely with the compressor being affected badly. Other signs of leakages could be seen from oil stains around its leakages since the refrigerant is an oil-based material. To resolve this issue of warm air is to tackle the refrigerant leakages by repairing and regassing the air conditioner unit which should enable it to generate cooling air again.

  1. High Electricity Bill

Generally, there are many reasons contributing to the rising electricity bills from using air conditioners. However, as a general rule the higher is the efficiency of the components of the air conditioning system, the lower energy consumption will it be which translates into savings in money spent. Amongst the reasons for lower efficiency include the following:

  • Bad or failing motors in either the indoor unit or outdoor unit and gets hot to touch.
  • Valves of the compressor (outdoor unit) may have gone bad or failing which requires replacement.
  • Reversing valve that changes the direction of refrigerant flow of the air conditioner which changes the mode between cooling and heating may have gone bad or malfunction so may end up the valve either in the cooling or heating position. Troubleshoot this issue by valve replacement.
  • Refrigerant level either high or low. This causes higher energy consumption. Get its level right.
  • Filter or evaporator coil in the indoor unit gets dirty.
  • Condenser coil gets dirty.

       Also, other than rectifying by repairing or replacement or cleaning, wherever applicable of the respective   parts or components above,           need to ensure no obstacles to the airflow with a minimum of 1 foot away from the four sides of the air conditioner.

       However, should your energy bills are still above your normal consumption, then it is recommended to call your air conditioner specialist         to address it so as to have more savings to you. Call us or Whatsapp us today.

  1. Air Conditioner Unit Not Working

When this happens i.e. air conditioner not working could be a typical indication of a failing motor either in the condenser (outdoor unit) or in the blower (indoor unit). In order to ascertain whether the motor had gone bad is to run it for 5  – 10 minutes, then, turn-off its power supply and touching the motor (care to be taken to prevent any burnt finger) as any bad motor you could feel its hotness as you touched it. If confirmed hot, it is time for its replacement.

These are the most common issues faced by air conditioner users and ways to troubleshoot each of them. Anyway, for a more proper and effective way to tackle these issues at your own comfort is to engage your professional air conditioner technician who would provide their best solutions on your air conditioning needs at affordable cost.

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