Air conditioner unit is expensive item if you compare with other households. It is almost the same price that you buy fridge when you get married. Fridge could be last longer than the aircon unit so makes it more expensive in respect of family budget.

That is why every individual has to follow rules to be applied to this equipment. From the beginning the first rule to follow is the air conditioner installation tips in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area.

  1. First installation rules that you should follow is the size of the unit that you choose. This depends on the size of the home that you live in but basic rule is 2000 BTU per 500 sqft area of cooling. This figure could help you to choose the right size of unit for you. Based on the right calculation you can buy correct sized unit for your home.
  2. When you bring your right sized unit into your home, next issue you should consider is where to put that unit in the room. Couple of consideration here in respect of choosing the location.
    1. If your room is rectangular choose the longest way that air conditioner blower can blow the air and air could travel longer the distance the better the cooling.
    2. Choose the right location which has power supply to that unit closely. This power supply should be individual for this air conditioner unit and fused.
    3. Choose the wall which is not directly having sun lights behind. This increase the electrical consumption of the unit.
    4. When installing split unit you need to consider the distance between indoor and outdoor units. Shorter the better, preferably just behind the wall of the indoor unit. This could cover the issue that I mentioned above direct sun light to the wall. Outdoor unit shouldn’t get direct sun light outside.
  3. After you choose the right location to install the indoor unit, you should consider choosing not blocked outdoor unit area. Air ventilation should be sufficient to provide good air conditioning cycle. Advisable distances between outside wall to the outdoor unit should be minimum 45 cm, each side at least a 25 cm free space, top side at least 10 cm free space and in front of the outdoor unit minimum 80 cm free space for better air circulation.
  4. Not to use advisable distances between indoor and outdoor unit for piping purposes is another big issue. Advisable distances between indoor and outdoor unit for refrigerant circulation is max 5 meters. Be aware that more than that distance causes you to pay more for installation as well as running cost, due to the hard working of compressor unit in order to complete the air conditioning cycle.
  5. The size of the copper pipe used for refrigerant circulation purposes should be advised size. The larger the pipe size requires more refrigerant gas and cause compressor load.
  6. To supply exact amount of refrigerant gas is also important. Less or excess gas could cause system failure in the long run.
  7. Installer should put the air conditioner unit thermostat correctly. If thermostat is close to another heat source like light bulb or direct sun light it might cause to compressor work harder.
  8. It is also important that insulation of indoor unit piping has to be considered. Wrong insulation could cause sweating in side of the indoor unit which might drip onto the electrical circuits and make short circuit at the end, or could cause rusting inside the indoor unit.
  9. After finishing the installation, not checking the leaks is another important mistake that installer can do.
  10. Drainage system should be correct angle means water accumulated in the indoor unit by sweating should go out with the right angle of the drainage system. If the angle is not correct, water could stay in the tray at the end might overflow from the tray to the wall and make stain in the wall.
  11. Another important issue is not rushing for the installation. You need to be patient to wait the professional technicians finish their work on time not earlier that it should be.
  12. Most of the air conditioner units comes with the ready refrigerant inside. Using the right refrigerant in your unit is also very important. Using wrong refrigerant in the system might fail the system.
  13. If you are asking for ducted air conditioner units in your premise, be sure that ductwork sealing should be properly done with using high quality products. There is no short cut on the curves and no room for using low quality insulation material. It might cost more to have them fixed in the future if there is leakage of air flow.
  14. Last point that I would like to mention here is the maintenance of your wall which determine the quality of the air circulated in your room. If there are some moisture or water spots on your wall it might be better to treat them before installing the air conditioner unit. That kind of moisture on the wall might cause your air conditioner indoor unit effected their moulds and bacteria or algae transmissions.

At last I want to indicate that right installer is the key to your success of using your air conditioner units without much expenses after installation but regular service expenses only. Please call our service that our all installers are professional and well trained. They will advice you what to do in advance for example power supply location, choosing indoor unit location, moisture on the wall i.e. Call us now.