The main air conditioner compressor problems in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are is your air conditioner unit is not working at all, since the compressor is the vital element in the system. You need to understand what the problem is that it can be solved easily. Most of the time home owners are not an expert to check these all before jump to the conclusion. So the technician should be consultant.

If the problem is compressor not working at all there must be several reasons.

  • First of all you need to check the power supply. Most of the time the main reason why electrical appliances not working are the electric supply issue. Check all the connections and be sure that supply switch is ON position. Next check the fuse box and find out if there is any fuse gone OFF. If everything is on the right order and compressor is not functioning, this is the time you need to call professionals.
  • Don’t forget that the compressor unit has several parts as well. If compressor is not working the problem could be the failure of any of the parts most likely the capacitor. Capacitor is electrical part which could be failing easily when over loaded which may cause compressor not functioning at all.
  • Another problem why air conditioner compressor is not working could be the starter relay which gradually releases the more power when compressor is triggered to start. To determine the issue on the compressor, start relay can be replaced and if compressor is working after that you are all set. If not technicians could search other problems why.
  • Bigger problem in the compressor could be broken valves, which caused by liquid entry into the compressor chamber instead of gas. Liquids cannot be compressed and result is a broken valve. Compressor can still work under this condition but no cooling at all.
  • Terminal connections are another problem why compressor is not working. Because of excessive dirt, terminal connections could be short circuit and never relay the electricity from one point to another. Proper cleaning could solve the problem of terminal connections.
  • The worst problem is the compressor totally dead. If this is the case, you have only two options to choose. This is the point you need to decide to buy a new air conditioner unit or replace the compressor only. This decision depends on the cost issue and if the cost of replacing air conditioner compressor less than 50 % of the new unit replacing could be the best to go. If it is more than that, better to buy a new unit.

If there is a problem there is always solution attached to that problem. In order to solve these kinds of problems our professional technicians are ready to help you. They will pinpoint the problem and solve it for your benefit means less expenses to your budget. If you are lucky enough your problem could solve cheaper than expected. Just trust our technicians in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area.

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