Where to buy aircon remote control KL & Selangor

Where to buy an air conditioner remote control is always a big question in everyone’s mind. When you do the step-by-step check to find out why your air conditioner unit is not working and sure that this is because of the remote controller, always this question comes to your mind.

Next issue is what brand of air conditioner remote controller could fit to your air conditioner unit. Can I find the same brand remote controller from the supplier? Don’t worry about this simple issue. Actually nowadays there are multiple brands of multi system adaptable air conditioner remote controller available in the market. Most of them are international standards of signal generators. This means that their transmitted signals could fit any of the air conditioner units in the market. These are called international remote controller.

Some of them could learn the signal from existing remote controller when they transmit. What you can do is to teach them in “teach” mode while pressing the required signal from other working unit in your home. Hold them face to face as described in their users guide and let the new one learn the frequency of the existing one. So it can imitate the existing neighbor air conditioner unit’s remote controller.

For example, when you press ON button in the existing active remote controller and face it to the new unit which was pressed to “teach” button, teaching process starts. When color changes or blinking light appears in the new controller means it is learned the frequency. Now it can transmit the same frequency when you want to ON your air conditioner unit. What you need to do is to dedicate this signal to ON button in your new unit. Don’t surprise that their brands you have never heard of.

If you still don’t solve your problem, please contact with us so we can help you on this simple problem and provide you one international remote controller for your air conditioner unit.