Aircon Remote Control Not Working KL & Selangor

If you come across that aircon remote control not working you could remember the person called Murphy. Have you heard the Murphy’s Law? When you need to ON the air conditioner unit you normally take the remote controller and press the ON button. Result is air conditioner unit is not ON. Murphy is in action.

There are two main possibilities; either the air conditioner unit or remote controller is failed.

  1. If air conditioner unit is failed, there are also two possibilities; one is power supply is not connected to the unit or remote controller receiving sensor on the aircon indoor unit is spoiled. If the issue is power supply, you can check it out and provide the connection and try again. If it works problem solved. If not, you could think of remote controller receiving sensor but before that you should consider second main possibilities. Let’s look at it.
  2. If remote controller is not working there are also two possibilities; one is the battery is empty or really aircon remote control not working. To check the first one, just open the battery case and check the polarity of batteries are correct or not. If correct, without removing the batteries just turn them right and left into their cradle. Sometimes oxidation at the poles creates electrical disconnection issue. When you press the ON button or any other button on the remote controller, you should have seen the transmission light, could be red or green color ON or blinking while pressing. This is the indication that aircon remote controller is working, but still air conditioner unit is not ON. There are another two possibilities; one is even there is a blinking light on the remote, controller is spoiled, which is not transmitting the ON signal or still main possibilities one which is remote controller receiving sensor spoiled.
  3. You can also check this remote on any other same branded aircon units or visa versa, take other units remote to test on the one which is not working with the first remote. You can be sure what the issue was after checking all possibilities.

After you do the step by step check if you determine that aircon remote control is not working just to find the new one to buy. If you determine that the issue is sensor on the aircon indoor unit, just call us so we can check and repair your air conditioner unit with reasonable cost.