Using air conditioner is practical but it is also stressful. You must know these 9 secrets!

26°C is most suitable, comfortable and not easy to get sick

The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be too large in summer, generally about 8-10 °C. Weather is generally around 32 °C, so the indoor temperature of around 26 °C is the most appropriate, not easy to get sick, but also more power.

Best installed at 1.9 meters

The air intake of a general air conditioner is in the upper half, and the air outlet is in the lower half. If the air conditioner is installed too high, the cold air that has undergone heat exchange has not yet sinked to the lower part of the room and is sucked back by the air conditioner. If the air conditioning is installed too low, people will be uncomfortably unpleasant if they cool quickly after turning on the air conditioner.

Therefore, when the air conditioner is mounted at a slightly higher position than the head, the human body will be in the best condition. Therefore, the trade-off is that the air conditioner is best installed at about 1.9 meters.

“Sauna days” more dehumidification function

Sauna days, in the use of air conditioning, in fact, dehumidification and cooling can achieve the effect of reducing the indoor temperature, but the dehumidifying power consumption is much lower.

When the “dehumidification” mode is turned on, the indoor blower will keep running at a low speed, and the compressor will also operate intermittently, so that it will continue to circulate to keep the room temperature near the set temperature. When the “cooling” mode is in operation, the air conditioner compressor and the blower continue to operate until the room temperature reaches a low temperature.

Air conditioning to open windows for 3 hours

Many people do not know that the air conditioning will be on for 3 hours. If you do not open the window and change the air, the indoor air may not be fresh. If you do not change the air within 6 hours, the air will be seriously polluted. If you feel the pressure of breathing or the increase in colds, drowsiness, and dullness of response, etc., all are related to the long period of time in the closed space and the lack of oxygen supply. Therefore, the air conditioner must open the window for a while for 3 hours.

The air outlet should face upwards when cooling

In general, cold air goes down while hot air goes up. When cooling, it is best to turn the air-conditioner upwards and allow the cold air to circulate from top to bottom. The physical characteristics of the hot and cold air can be fully utilized to naturally communicate.

Staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time will make the skin dry and dry itchy. At this time, you can put water in the air outlet of the air conditioner, which can effectively relieve dry eye and dry skin symptoms.

Open the air conditioner first and then close the window

Many people think that it is right to open the air conditioner after closing the window. In fact, the correct approach is to open the air conditioner first and then close the window after entering the room. Open the air conditioner, and then close the doors and windows after the contaminants in the air conditioner are released. This will prevent many respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Short-term out of air conditioning

Many people save electricity. When they go out, they turn off their air conditioners. When they go home, they restart. Actually, not only do they consume more electricity, but they also cause damage to air conditioners and affect air-conditioning life. Excessively frequent operation will cause damage to the air-conditioning compressor, and the high voltage of 500-1000 watts generated at start up will consume more power.

Air conditioning needs regular cleaning

Many people do not have the consciousness of cleaning air conditioners. Air conditioners will not be cleaned once in a few years. In fact, this seriously jeopardizes the health of the body. After accumulation of bacteria, your home’s air conditioning is particularly dirty, many users reacted with a small, before washing the air conditioning, their children always cough, do not know what is the specific reason, but after the home air conditioning cleaning, the child turned out Not much coughing.

From this we can see that the importance of cleaning air conditioners cannot be ignored.