How to clean portable aircon units?

The first major cause of odour emission is that portable air conditioners are not regularly cleaned, and the second is due to deterioration of water quality. Because of the prolonged use of portable air conditioners, the dust accumulates on the filter surface, which causes the air conditioner to emit a strange smell.

  1. When the portable air conditioner is used for a period of time, dust and dust will accumulate inside the air filter and the copper sheet. When the dust is too much, strange smell will be generated, which will seriously affect the quality of the air and affect the air volume.
  2. Because the portable air conditioning in the cooling, often there will be some moisture inside, so after the portable  air conditioning is turned off, it does not dry stop immediately, so that the inside of the moisture will always be inside. For a long time, there will be mold and nasty smells.

In fact, it is normal for this phenomenon to occur, rather than the quality of portable air conditioning itself, but it is due to maintenance. When this happens, we only need to wipe the dust and clean the filter. Note: water quality be sure to be clean and clear.