Many families have turned on air conditioning, but experts have warned that air conditioners that have not been cleaned for a long time have become an important source of PM2.5 air quality index (AQI). Bacteria are excessively severe and can cause symptoms such as uncomfortable air conditioning and dizziness and fatigue. It is recommended that air conditioners used frequently as in Malaysia, have to be cleaned each every 6 months.

According to an experimental result released by relevant experts from Fudan University, in China, the number of bacteria in household wall-mounted air conditioners that have not been cleaned for more than three years exceeds that of central air-conditioning in shopping malls; the less-cleaned air conditioners will become PM2.5 after several years of use.

The research conducted by relevant professional organizations on urban household air-conditioners found that the total number of bacteria in 88% of air-conditioning cooling coils exceeded the standard, 84% of the total number of air-conditioning cooling coils exceeded, and bacteria detected in air-conditioning cooling coils exceeded the standard by nearly 100 times.

According to reports, the correct method of cleaning air conditioners, not only cleaning the filter, but also cleaning the cooling coils. Since air-conditioning cooling coils cannot be disassembled, it is inefficient to rely on wet cloths, brush cleaning, and other means. The air conditioner disinfectants used by regular manufacturers should be used. If the dirt and germs on the cooling coils are removed, the cooling effect of the air conditioner will also be better.   Although home air conditioners are already an extremely common household appliance, there are still many small tips that we do not know or ignore, but these small details are extremely important. The above are the three major aspects of the home air conditioning that you need to pay attention to. The hope is to help you to buy home air conditioners, to use home air conditioners, and to maintain home air conditioners.