In Malaysia, we use individual air conditioner units, we can also called this traditional air conditioning,  in the residents. Outside of Malaysia, on the contrary, most countries shifted to centralized air conditioner system, which can be used both cooling as well as heating.

In the interior decoration of many large cities, central air conditioning has largely replaced traditional air-conditioning, but this does not mean that traditional air-conditioning has been eliminated from the market, but people have noticed some limitations of traditional air-conditioning and more willing to use central air-conditioning only, one of the most significant features of central air-conditioning is that central air-conditioning installation is installed inside the ceiling, so the central air-conditioning almost does not take up space, then today we will introduce you to the central air-conditioning boot and usage skills.

  • Central air conditioner startup method

When the central air conditioner is normally turned on, according to its own needs, it is possible to press the select key to select the central air conditioner cooling, heating, dehumidification, or ventilation. When the central air conditioner is shut down due to a power failure or other reasons, it is necessary to note whether the central air conditioner used has a downtime delay. The central air conditioner without a time delay cannot be turned on immediately. Instead, it needs to wait for 3 minutes to prevent the start-up current from being excessively high and cause the compressor motor to burn. If the central air conditioner has a delay relay, you can start it immediately.

  • Adjust the wind angle

The central air-conditioning switch can also adjust the angle of the wind, so that the airflow distribution is more reasonable and uniform. When the central air conditioner is heating, the flow of warm air is light and it is easy to rise. Therefore, use the wind direction key to make the air outlet downward, so that the warm air flow can be sent to all corners of the room, and the heating is more scientific and comfortable. When the central air conditioning is cooling, the cold air flow is heavy and it is easy to sink. In order to evenly spread the cold air flow to various areas, it is necessary to use the switch to make the air outlet upwards to the horizontal direction.

  • Reasonable setting room temperature

When using central air-conditioning, it is necessary to set a reasonable temperature, not too low or too high, resulting in wasted energy or adverse health. When the air temperature is around 25°C, it is most suitable for the rest of the human body. At the same time should also pay attention to adjust the temperature difference, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is generally not more than 8-10 °C. The setting value during cooling should be lower than the room temperature at that time, and the heating should be higher than the room temperature at that time. This setting is not only reasonable in temperature, but also determines whether the compressor can operate normally.

  • Do not switch frequently

Central air conditioning should not be switched on and off frequently. The central air conditioner can automatically adjust whether it needs to run. It can be controlled by the temperature controller to start and shut down. Do not switch the machine on and off frequently, and do not change the air-conditioning mode frequently. This will not only damage the compressor, but also increase the power consumption. When the central air conditioner is not in use, it is necessary to turn off the power and unplug the power plug.

  • What is the development trend of home air conditioners?

Home air conditioners, as the name suggests, are the air conditioners that we use at home for our own use. With the gradual improvement of our aquatic products, people’s demands for quality of life are also getting higher and higher. Among them, the indoor air environment is one of the most important items that we are concerned about. And this indicator is derived from home air conditioning to a large extent. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen our understanding of home air conditioning.