8 AirCon Tips To Save Energy When Air Conditioning Is A Must

Imagine this, many of us during the hot weathers, we would simply go to our room and quickly turn on our aircon to the maximum power and set to the lowest temperature you can have momentarily to cool off yourself, especially if you are sweating from the heat outside. By doing so frequently, you may end-up with high electricity bill to pay. Now, let’s take a look on how you could save your electricity by observing the Aircon Tips below.

As one who would be searching for some energy saving tips, certainly you would want to check out with your aircon dealer on energy efficiency features of the aircon you intend to purchase comparing from one model/brand to the other besides its price. Definitely one would prefer to choose an aircon that is not only value for money but at the same time does not end-up paying high electricity bills should the aircon unit is not the energy efficiency type you are looking for. More energy efficiency would mean lower costs and also would contribute to a much smaller carbon footprint.

You may have an elderly family member or small children whom would be comfortable with the presence of the coolness of the aircon in the room or at the office where computer equipment are kept which may require some cooling air to work at its best. All these are necessary but what would be the tips to keep your energy consumption and certainly your bills to the lowest possible. Now, just check out the 8 Aircon Tips below on the ways to save your energy consumption.

Tips No.1  – What are your top electricity consumption appliances at home  

After a while you would be able to identify the electrical appliances that consume high electricity energy and usually an aircon is one of them.  How about setting the cooling temperature to something like 24°C or slightly higher which will reduce its energy consumption. To make it more cooling and better cooling air circulation in the room, make use of the fan on top of your air conditioners. As your fan utilises much lesser energy as compared to your   air conditioner unit, this would be a pretty good idea. Another way is to set your thermostat to slightly higher will reduce your electricity consumption and hence the fossil energy utilised will reduce as well.

Tips No.2 – The Importance of Your Aircon Servicing 

Just like many other equipment, maintenance plays a vital role in ensuring your air conditioner units are in tip top condition and so will be your air conditioner lifespan and its energy consumption will be maintained as well. Through regular maintenance you will be plagued with dusts accumulating in your air conditioner, sticking to the filters and even make the unit work harder by 15%. Studies have shown by lowering your temperature by 5 degrees can caused  your air conditioner to use up as much as 40% more energy !

 Tips No.3 – Try Using Portable Unit

Should you just would like to cool off a small working area, try using a portable unit which you can move from one place to the other in your home and not wanting to cool off your whole home.  Then, you have a chance of using lesser energy by as much as 50% as compared to say a larger central unit to cool off the same space/area.

Tips No. 4 – Control Night Time Coolness

More often than not, we intend to sleep through the night with the coolness of the room maintained low just before we fall asleep. We failed to realised that our level of conscious cool is not the same level when we are fast asleep. So, it is better off if we can turn down the air conditioner an hour or two before bed or during your sleeping hours. Hence, it runs lesser meaning lower bill.

Tips No.5 – How is Your Air Conditioner Ducting?

Is your air conditioner ducting checked regularly? This is to ensure your ducting that runs through your home are properly insulated so that the incoming air will be kept as cool as it can possibly be. Paying for half cooled air isn’t a good idea.

Tips No.6 – Furniture Order in Your Home

Are your furniture such your sofa placed right in front of the air conditioner vents ? If so, you could be cooling the back of your sofa/chair/etc. or the bottom side of your furniture and the easiest way to solve the problem is simply rearrange your furniture in order to avoid energy wastage.

Tips No. 7 – Are the Lights Really Necessary?

We may not realised that each time the lights are switched on, the heat emitted by the lightings, more lights, more heat, sunlight rays into your home included. Hence, turning off any unrequired lightings in your home certainly will reduce the heat generated and so is your energy consumption.

Tips No.8 – Anyone at Home?

When no one is at home, advisable to turn on your air conditioner up to 28°C  and ensure the windows and drape are closed. Not to worry, even if it will be warm for a few minutes as you enter the house, the blinds will help to keep out the sunrays, so existing coolness will stay for as long as possible whilst you turn on the temperature to slightly lower than 28°C  which will not cause the air conditioner to work extra hard as compared to switching on the unit.

With the above aircon tips which are indeed practical for implementation though looks simple but each one tips will help you to reduce your otherwise high bills to pay, in particular your electricity bills. Keep doing to enjoy more savings!