Are you having problem with your aircon lately? Considering the hot weather outside you must be very uncomfortable with the aircon problem you are facing. Should you take a look and make a simple preliminary checking as one of the most common aircon problems is due to the aircon not operating properly? What should you do?

Relax, it’s not the end of the world.

First of all, if your aircon is on, simply ensure to close your home’s windows and doors to contain the cool air flow inside. Other common aircon problems probably could be due to faulty installation, poor service procedures and more often than not inadequate maintenance that in most cases resulted in the lifespan of the aircon to be reduced sharply.

If your aircon fails to on, the first thing to do is to check its fuses or circuit breakers  Anyhow, allow the aircon unit to cool down for about five minutes before resetting the circuit breaker. If its thermostat may not have been set correctly, or power is not reaching the aircon unit, then, set the thermostat to “cool”, that the temperature is set correctly and the battery is still fresh.

Other common aircon problems may include the aircon broke down, is leaking, is not cold or not cooling or is emitting a bad smell or causing a loud banging noise whenever it is running. Whatever the case maybe, you would have completely lost your cool and looking for a solution. However, as it is an electrical equipment, particularly one that involves water but due to it containing some very environmentally hazardous chemicals, you should never try to open up or fix any faulty aircon yourself.

In most instances, the best solution is to call for an aircon technician or specialist to repair or replace or service the aircon unit to a fully functional and operational unit.

Aircon units do not last forever, approximately 5 – 10 years is its average lifespan but it depends on how well or how regular are the units being serviced or maintained and the moment they fail is when you need them the most. But the good news is that not every system malfunction spells a total doom. As many of the nuisances are relatively cheap and easy to fix, you will be kicking yourself for not doing them sooner, including calling the aircon specialist Happy Penguin AirCon Services to attend to your aircon problems.