Are you facing problem with your aircon not blowing out cold air or it is behaving erratically lately? If so, then, you are among the majority of aircon users in Malaysia having the same aircon problem.

There are many reasons that caused this problem and we appended below 11 reasons why your aircon is not blowing cold air.

  1. Ice may have formed inside the aircon unit.

To check if this is the case with your aircon, simply lift its cover to see whether any ice is visible on or behind the filter. If so, usually you can fix the problem yourself – DIY.  Firstly, off your aircon for an hour or so to allow the ice to melt. Perhaps, you need to move your furniture below it to a safer place and put a pail or an absorbent cloth to take in any water that has melted.

Upon the ice has melted, you can remove the filter and clean it. Put the filter to dry or if it is also dirty, wash it and wipe or blow dry before inserting it back into the unit. Usually this will solve the problem. However, if your aircon keeps freezing, then, you should call us to fix your aircon problem.

  1. Thermostat Settings Improper

If your aircon occasionally blows out cold air, your thermostat probably has been set to ‘On’, instead of ‘Auto’ to autoate it. This will result in your aircon to continue to blow out air, even when actually it does not have to. If it was set to ‘Auto’, air will be blown out but will depends on the room temperature you have set it to. Simply reset it and see if there is any difference.

  1. Aircon Filter Is Blocked

Cold air of the aircon is not blown out probably due to the air filter inside it being blocked with dust. Hence, preventing the cooled air around your home or office from circulating. Filters need to be regularly checked and cleaned or at least on a monthly basis.

  1. Aircon Compressor Blocked Or Dirty

The aircon compressor must be clean at all times and if there is any blockages by foreign matters such as dust, leaves, etc., it must cleared This is to ensure the refrigerant inside is cooled, which in turn will blow out cool air into your home or office. If even after determining the unit is free from blockages, still does not make your aircon air cold, contact us for assistance. Suggest not trying to fix your compressor unit yourself as this will be best left to aircon specialist such as ours.

  1. Low or Lack of Aircon Refrigerant

Low refrigerant level likely to cause the aircon leakage. Whilst, lack of refrigerant inside likely the cause of your aircon blowing warm air. If you have this problem, call us to fix the leakage problem and refill your aircon refrigerant level.

  1. Condensate Drainage Pipe Is Blocked

Since, your aircon formed water by drawing moisture from the environmental air and it is usually drained out through a drainage pipe. If it is blocked, this will result in the aircon to pump up more to generate cold air and it can be fixed, though quite tedious. Call us for assistance!

  1. Aircon Compressor Defective

Though it is quite rare, your aircon problem here likely due to your aircon compressor being defective. There is a need to check whether the aircon overlimit loading protector and its capacitor  is in a good working condition or otherwise. Any defect in the aircon compressor will need to be replaced. Call us to solve your airon compressor problem!

  1. Issue With Your Aircon Condenser Coil

The aircon condenser coil serves to cool the aircon system. However, if it is dirty, it will be less efficient and at the same time will cause the aircon to struggle in cooling down. Condenser coil could be cleaned easily but it involves taking out the parts from the aircon system. Contact us for assistance to repair it!

  1. Aircon Ducting Damaged

The aircon ducting’s function is to disseminate air throughout the room of your home or office. If your aircon system’s ducting (HVAC) is damaged in some way or the other, hence, the cooled air may have to work harder to come out through the aircon grille. If your aircon have this problem, simply contact us to fix the problem!

  1. Non-Functional Aircon Fan Wheel

A little bit of your DIY skill, simply check whether the indoor unit fan is working properly or not or just noisy. You could use a suitable length screwdriver to check it. If the fan is working, then, your capacitor is the cause for your aircon warm air. However, if it is not working, the motor will need to be replaced. Call us to fix the problem!

  1. Overhauling/Replacement of the Aircon Chemical

Probably that the aircon is an aging unit and perhaps need some chemical overhauling or replacement. Also, should the respective vital parts are exhausted and cannot solve the problem by replacing the parts, perhaps, you need to buy a new aircon unit.

How To Resolve Your Non-Cooling Aircon Problem

Whenever, your home or office is not at your desired  temperature, then, you are likely having an issue with the aircon system. All you need to do is to carry out some checking such as checking both your indoor unit and outdoor unit and see if you can detect the problem. If it is any of issues highlighted above, perhaps you may want to try to take our suggestion. If you can fix it yourself, that’s good and beautiful, but if otherwise, please contact us. As your aircon expert to fix all your aircon problems and fullfil all your aircon needs. Contact us today!