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Chest freezer repair in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area is not different than any other freezer repair done. The only difference is the type of freezer itself. It is design chest type; so door of the freezer is on top of the box opening like a chest cover.

These types of freezer have more capacity to stock frozen food if we compare with other types of freezers. By the nature, cold air stays lower than the hot air so there is less temperature lost when door opens to take or to put some material to and from inside. This condition also helps the compressor working cycle. Compressor works not frequently so less normal ware and tare.

We might expect the same type of problem with the other freezer types from this freezer as well. Since it stocks more frozen food than the other freezers the effect of failure is higher. That is why immediate attention has to be done for any failure occurred. If you need fast service give us a call.

Chest freezer repair related issues could be as below;

  • If the freezer over-cooling it creates unnecessary frosting. You can understand if there is a frost in or on the pipes, immediate repair is needed.
  • If the freezer not keeping the consistent temperature could cause spoilage of food. If temperature goes higher, bacteria growth immediately starts. The reason for this issue could be dust, debris or more serious issues which needs immediate attention.
  • Defective door gasket issue can lead to energy wastage. It force the compressor works more and harder and could lead another issues which could be more serious.
  • If the freezer makes noise during start up or clunks it could be sign for the incoming compressor failure. Immediate attention should be needed.

Whatever the cause for your freezer, you need to call authorized service for your support. It is not recommended to call unauthorized parties to fix the issue.

Our trained technicians are expert on fixing chest freezer repair in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. Contact us now.

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Your team’s response time was superbly fast! The details on the problem of my air conditioner were well explained to us and subsequently it was rectified. Then, your team proposed to us for a maintenance plan that I immediately agreed. In future, I wouldn’t have to call anyone else for such jobs except them!

Naseer Yaseer

With the complete and thorough job by your team in your recent inspection and maintenance schedule the other day, we were indeed very satisfied with their performance. So happen they also discovered a problem with the air cond and after recommending to us whom we agreed,  it was done beautifully indeed. 

Tan Lee Lee

I had some issues with my air conditioner leaking on a Saturday and we felt great the service techs who came and repaired it on the spot. He was doing such an excellent job, explaining to me on the things to be done. In a matter of hours, our air conditioner was back to normal. They did such a fantastic job!

Noreen Noor

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