When you hear aircon that saves electricity in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area, you might think that someone is joking with you. It is possible to save electricity with new air conditioner systems but also possible to follow some simple precautions in your habits while having an old system.

Definitely the new air conditioner units more particularly, inverter models, have huge energy saving offers. Inverter models reduce on and off the cycle of the compressor with continuous running so does the energy saving.  

They have clever systems which adjust their operations depending on the amount of human in the room and their locations in the room. When they are running in idle conditions, they keep the same temperature level in the room so relatively energy-saving is there.

When you have an old system, you need to adjust your expectations and your habits. For example, you need to set the cooling temperature, not to the minimum but to keep the room at a comfortable level. Always ensure your air conditioner unit filters are clean and sufficient airflow is provided.

Keep the drain system not clogged and condensed water goes out without any restrictions.  Keep your aircon unit services regularly. These are simple rules that you can apply when you are using the unit already.

Actually, electricity-saving in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area starts way before you purchase the unit. You need to choose the right HP depending on your room size so the unit works properly not overloaded. If you have a chance choose high tech environmentally friendly inverter air conditioner since you are investing money in it. You pay more than the other units but it will help to get your ROI back in the long run.

New aircon systems use rotary type compressor not reciprocal type, which causes less energy consumption and longer life span due to less friction in the compressor.

Contact our experienced serviceman who can guide you on what to do regardless of you have an existing unit and want to save electricity or want to invest a new one and need guidance.