Air conditioner thermostat problems in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area have to be seriously considered and to be fixed. Since Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are the heart of the tropic belt, cooling control is the most important issue in the environment that we live in. The comfort of your premise while the air conditioner unit is on mostly depends on the thermostat attached to the system.

The faulty thermostat should cause irregularity of environmental temperature reading in different locations in the room or office. The room that you set the temperature could not be stable and/or not be reached any set values due to the malfunction of the thermostat.

The failed thermostat could affect the functionality of the whole system. The compressor might continuously run, might not start at all or on and off frequently. All indications are the signs of thermostat problems.

If the air conditioner suddenly stops working, check the thermostat unit first. If there is no life sign on the thermostat unit or unresponsive, the start signal can’t be sent from the thermostat to the compressor. This could be dead batteries or tripped breakers or blown fuse for the thermostat unit. In order to get rid of this problem, change the battery or check the electrical connections and see the result. If it is still not working then go one step ahead further.

Next to be checked is inside the thermostat unit. There might be dust or debris accumulated which affects the normal operation of the thermostat. These can be swept with a soft brush or compressed air. There might be loose wiring inside the thermostat unit. After cutting the power supply to the thermostat, these can be done safely.

There is another issue with the thermostat anticipator or bulb position. If it is not leveled in the mechanical thermostat unit failure of functionality would be experienced. Sometimes the location of the thermostat unit is also another problem. If thermostat located very remote location in the room, temperature control could not be read properly. The relocation of the thermostat unit is advisable. Other heat sources near the thermostat could also affect its performance.

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