Inverter Air Conditioner Save Electricity

If we are to observe on the behaviour of household towards electricity consumption by air conditioners, we could notice that the majority of them do not give much concern whether a particular category of air conditioners consumes more electricity than the other as they presume all air conditioners are more or less the same in terms of its power consumption.

But in actual fact, there is a lot of difference between conventional air conditioners and the inverter air conditioners as far as electricity saving and efficient system are concerned, whereby, from the aspects of superior technology the best one in the market with five–star rating air conditioner is the inverter technology. The Inverter air conditioner save electricity tagline is designed in such a way that it is able to save up to 30% of electricity consumption over the conventional air conditioner.

In conventional air conditioner, it is designed to always run at peak, thus, consumes more electricity, whereas, the inverter air conditioner will always consume lesser power which will be based on the room temperature as the inverter is able to adjust according to the requirement of the room cooling temperature automatically. So, due to this mechanism, it consumes less power in cooling the room and so is its electricity bill.

In conventional air conditioner, the compressor is switched ON and OFF, so, when it is switched ON, it works at its full capacity with more electricity consumption and when the thermostat reaches the set up temperature level, the compressor stops working, whilst its fan keeps running. As the thermostat senses the rise in the temperature, the compressor restarts again and this cycle goes on automatically.

Whereas, for the inverter air conditioner it works similar to a car accelerator. When the compressor requires more power which in turn to produce more power whenever the room temperature is higher to bring its cooling effect into the room. Similarly, when it requires lesser power that produces lesser power as when the room reaches its desired temperature. In this inverter technology, the compressor has always been switched to ON, but however it will only consume electricity depending on the thermostat level and incoming air set up with the speed and power adjusted accordingly.

In other words, inverter air conditioner operates at a much lower rating for normal conditions drawing only the required current, whilst the conventional air conditioners always runs at full power. Whenever, the conventional air conditioner starts, it requires very high initial current (torque current) to start and surely it is power hungry when it makes multiple starts at full capacity throughout the day.

For the inverter air conditioners that save on its electricity once it starts with a low current draw, then, slowly varying or increasing it until reaching the desired temperature of the room. Once this is achieved, the inverter air conditioner consumes very minimal current barely enough to maintain the temperature and of course the savings on electricity bills when using the inverters. By running in a lower power consumption state, inverter air conditioner saves a lot of electricity. Though they are not as effective as when they are running at full capacity but when they run at a partial capacity which is how conventional air conditioners are used, they can save lots of energy. Also, one of its key features as an energy efficient air conditioner is that it consumes approximately 30% less electricity in comparison to the conventional air conditioner.

Though the inverter air conditioner is comparably expensive to the conventional air conditioner, but it helps in the long run as it saves the energy cost. If you are to look at its other benefits the cost factor could be easily ignored. As these days, it will be difficult to imagine a day without an air conditioner, especially during the hot spell. If you are planning to buy an air conditioner for your purpose, then it is best to consider buying an inverter type air conditioner as this will save your energy cost, whilst serving you for such a long time without any major issue.